Sunday Gospel Reflection

In today’s gospel (Matthew 25: 14-30) Jesus tells the parable of the man who is going on a journey and leaves his treasure with his servants. With one he leaves 5 “talents” and with another 2 and with the last he leaves 1. Two of the servants go out into the world and use their… Continue reading Sunday Gospel Reflection


A Stranger Taught Me to Find God

There is this woman I do not know. She has young children and a husband and she is my age. And, she has cancer. She writes a blog, but not just any blog. A blog that is written FOR something. Not the kind that has links to shop or tutorials to watch. She has a… Continue reading A Stranger Taught Me to Find God

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From Atheist to Catholic: My Conversion

I grew up "Catholic." Catholic is in quotes because I'm not sure that the Church would agree that what I was doing (or, more accurately, what I was not doing) was Catholic at all. I received the sacraments and went to mass only because I attended a Catholic school where those things were part of our curriculum. I… Continue reading From Atheist to Catholic: My Conversion

You have just enough time today to do God's will for today.

God’s Will For Today

I've been up since 3 AM with Maria. That girl just wasn't tired any more. I brewed my coffee, grabbed my prayer journal and plopped myself down on the couch. "I guess today starts at 3 AM. Ok. I'm gonna need coffee. And Jesus." I have a few sick kids and a husband who won't… Continue reading God’s Will For Today

How to stop feeling envious when others have gifts you wish you had and what you should do instead. (article at an HONEST blog)

The Cool Landowner: How to Stop Being Envious and Start Being Grateful

I'm sitting in the dark rocking this baby, drinking this coffee & spending time praying with this weekend's gospel reading. I'm rocking & sipping.  I open the Magnificat & begin to read what St. Matthew wrote. It's a passage I've read many times before. It's a parable Jesus told his disciples about the landowner who… Continue reading The Cool Landowner: How to Stop Being Envious and Start Being Grateful