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Catch Up Session

I haven't written in a while. I usually use this blog as a type of therapy, but I haven't been much in need of therapy lately (surprising, right?). A lot is going on in the Vallette household, though, and I thought I would catch you guys up. I'm 30 weeks pregnant (woah!) and I have been… Continue reading Catch Up Session

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God’s Grace

I'm in a tough season right now. Pregnancy is tough for me. It's really, really tough actually. The physical part is challenging, yes. The throwing up and the aches and the weight gain aren't fun, but the part that just rocks me to my core is the mental stuff. It's the change within my heart… Continue reading God’s Grace

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An Open Letter–to me

Dear Self, Hey, it's me. I heard the news. Congratulations, you're gonna have a baby! What a blessing--sweet #4. Did you ever think you'd have four kids? Me either. Isn't is crazy where life brings us? I bet you're excited. I bet Elaina is really excited! Good thing you were planning on moving-- that house you… Continue reading An Open Letter–to me


So Ready

I'm now at the "I'm VERY ready" point of pregnancy.  Every morning when I wake up still pregnant it's like waking up and realizing Santa Claus hasn't passed.  It's a bummer.   I haven't gotten many "anything yet?" text messages from friends.  (I guess they read the blog after all?  Either that or they don't care.… Continue reading So Ready

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Unmarried and (gasp) Pregnant

Elaina was a surprise.  I think it's safe to say she is the best surprise Marvin or I ever received.  I won't go into the events that led up to the surprise pregnancy because that's a whole story in itself.  When I found out I was pregnant I was shocked!  I called Marvin at work. … Continue reading Unmarried and (gasp) Pregnant