Sunday Gospel Reflection

In today’s gospel (Matthew 25: 14-30) Jesus tells the parable of the man who is going on a journey and leaves his treasure with his servants. With one he leaves 5 “talents” and with another 2 and with the last he leaves 1. Two of the servants go out into the world and use their… Continue reading Sunday Gospel Reflection


Prayerbook Giveaway: When You’re Not Praying

It’s so taboo to talk about not praying in the Christian community for some reason, but, let’s be honest: sometimes we don’t pray, right? We don’t pray because we don't know how to, don’t want to, it feels pointless, we forget, we don’t think we have time, etc. If you’re not praying or if you… Continue reading Prayerbook Giveaway: When You’re Not Praying


A Stranger Taught Me to Find God

There is this woman I do not know. She has young children and a husband and she is my age. And, she has cancer. She writes a blog, but not just any blog. A blog that is written FOR something. Not the kind that has links to shop or tutorials to watch. She has a… Continue reading A Stranger Taught Me to Find God


Your Shift-Working Husband Deserves Better

You guys, I KNOW you do a lot for your family. I know you scrub the toilet and replace the soap and I know it feels like no one notices (or appreciates it). But, today I’m not talking about that. Today I’m talking about our husbands and how undervalued, underrated and underappreciated THEY are. I… Continue reading Your Shift-Working Husband Deserves Better


The One Thing Moms Need to Remain Sane: The Mom Non-Negotiable

Yesterday I remembered it was costume day at dance and today I remembered to send Halloween candy to school. Also, I don’t want to brag, but I signed the field trip form WITHOUT a reminder text from the teacher. So, you see, I remember things. I’m basically a parenting expert. Anyone need discipline tips? Seriously… Continue reading The One Thing Moms Need to Remain Sane: The Mom Non-Negotiable