About Diana Vallette

What up, party people?! I’m Diana Vallette & I’m the writer here at “Diana Divulges.”

(The picture on the left is the shiny me and the pic on the right is the real me.)

New here? Heeeeeey! Are you trying to figure out what kind of blog this is? Well, close your eyes and imagine a pious Christian blog and a snarky mom blog had a big, fat baby. Imagine that the baby is honest, relatable and imperfect, buuuut she loves Jesus, too. Boom. That’s Diana Divulges!

I’m married to Marvin (that handsome dude up there) and we have 4 kids under the age of 7 (Elaina, Dane, Juliet & Maria).

You won’t find professional photos, DIY craft ideas or sponsored content here. I do not make money with this blog. I write because I love to write, and I truly believe it’s how God teams up with me. (He teams up with all of us, ya know!) What will you find here?  The tales of a mediocre mom (and imperfect Catholic).

This is what my life looks like 80% of the time: a fast food dinner and only one kid paying attention to me.
Early in motherhood I was the judgiest judger (#onekidprobs, amiright?). I wonder “what were you thinking, Diana?” in almost all of my early posts and I have to stop myself from deleting or editing them. I don’t because life is about growth and it wouldn’t be honest if I made myself look perfect–read with this in mind.
If you like what you see here, I humbly ask that you share it with others who you think might benefit. Also, I don’t want to brag or anything, but I’m kind of a big deal. I wrote a piece for Aleteia this one time and Scott Hahn said my conversion story was well written. So, yeah, technically speaking, I’m famous and stuff.
On a serious note, I’m SO glad you stopped by and I hope you’ll take a second to say hi below!

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