Serious Question: How Do You People Remember to Dress Your Kids for the Cold?

I went out into the world today to get my 4 year old’s hair cut because that’s what competent mothers do apparently. Before we left, I checked the weather (and by “checked the weather” I mean I stuck my arm out the front door and waved it around). Crap. It was cold. My arm estimated it was about 50 degrees here in SW Louisiana.

I would love to tell you that there’s a good reason my kids wore flip flops and shorts in the cold. I’d love to tell you that it was because they didn’t want to wear warm clothes and I’m all about autonomy or natural consequences or whatever it is you people talk about, but the sad, sad truth is this: they don’t have any weather appropriate clothes.

Before the haircut we went to Chick Fil A (because I’m a fun mom and don’t you forget it). EVERYONE ELSE was appropriately dressed for the weather. It was almost like they know fall comes after summer or something. How do people remember these extra things? How do they do that? How do they always have clean, weather appropriate clothes? What is this witchcraft?!They were wearing their cardigans AT me.

I got myself together. “Fool me twice, shame on ME. I’m going to get ahead of this thing.” The kids and I went to Wal Mart to buy warm school clothes for Monday. And guess what? (YOU PROBABLY ALREADY KNOW WHAT because you’re one of them, aren’t you?) They didn’t have any left. Zero. Completely sold out.

I asked the nice lady folding shirts when they planned on restocking and she chuckled to herself, “Oh, they won’t get any more. That’s it. Everyone already bought their kids warm uniforms because they’re better moms than you are.”

Ok, fine, she did not say that last part, but she might as well have because I just don’t understand how you people always remember that fall comes after summer?!

(Featured Image by Toa Heftiba)

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