Mothering is Supposed to be Both Messy and Sweet (and So Are You!)

I spend a lot of time talking about the sticky parts of motherhood. That’s mostly because I’m all about showing my junk. I show my junk so you know you’re not the only one with junk. Motherhood IS sticky, there’s no doubt about that, but it’s also beautiful, right?

I have this kid, she’s a daddy’s girl. She’s smart and funny and she knows how to hold her own (trust me, you don’t want to cross this one). And, I want you to know, despite my time spent poking fun (at things like how chaotic family pictures can be or how much I hate homework), I see her.img_4758Some of those shiny moments allow me to really see her and her siblings. When I’m able to SEE them, I am present enough to enjoy them. I am reminded that the best time of my life is THIS sticky time. In that time, I cuddle them up and I kiss them and rub their backs (and I yell and then I apologize and then I yell again).

I want you to know this because mothering isn’t one dimensional. There is value in ALL of it. It all MAKES a life. Without the sticky you cannot soak in (or even recognize) the shiny. Beyond that, not only is MOTHERING multidimensional, YOU are allowed to be multidimensional because, guess what? You’re SUPPOSED to be! You are allowed to be both a sticky mess and shiny masterpiece because, that’s how life is: some of it sticky, some of it shiny, all of it good.

(Featured image by Jazmin Quaynor)

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