Coffee Thoughts

How is the Kingdom of God like a mustard seed? How does it start off small and then grow big? I was confused as I sipped my coffee and read today’s mass reading.

And then I found this reflection and I was reminded that my relationship with Christ is (and always will be) an ever evolving one and that I’ll never reach perfection because it’s not even about the destination of perfection it’s about the journey

“From these rich metaphors of growth, the mustard seed and the leaven, one fact rings true – that authentic spiritual growth follows the principle of slow and steady growth. It is not something that one can get in an instant.”

I wouldn’t call my spiritual growth slow and steady, I’d call it sloooooooooow and sometimes steady–I fail alot.

It’s hard to “reconcile faith while living in the world”–yes, yes it is.

But, remember (because I can always use this reminder), we aren’t called to be perfect, we’re called to keep trying. Over and over. Again and again. And if you find yourself frustrated at how often you fail, say a prayer and begin again because it pleases Him. It’s not about us, anyway, so if you’re disappointed in yourself for messing up yet again, remember that the Lord delights in you and that dusting yourself off and beginning again is a gift to Him.

Maybe even a better gift than if you hadn’t fallen at all.

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