Dane’s Birth Plan

I have an appointment with Dr. Brown on Thursday.  I’ll be 30 weeks.  Time has FLOWN by this pregnancy.  All props for a fly-by pregnancy go to Elaina.  (It’s hard to have time drag when you’re trying to keep up with a 2.5 year old!!) 

Below is the birth plan I’m going to present to him on Thursday.  I’m so nervous!  I didn’t use a birth plan with Elaina.  Birth plans are what crazy pregnant people do and I didn’t want to be perceived as weird or crazy.  Time has passed and I’ve grown up a little and I don’t care who thinks I’m crazy (lie).  So far, he’s let me do whatever I wish.  I mean, how many doctors let you eat jelly beans for your glucose test?  I’m hoping he receives the birth plan openly.  I will update on how it goes! 

Diana Vallette                                                          Patient of Dr. James Brown, Women & Children’s Hospital



We are confident that we are in excellent hands and appreciate efforts in helping us bring our baby into this world in a gentle, natural manner.  We fully understand that certain emergencies and/or other medical circumstances may not allow for our birth preferences listed below. 





·        – No outside visitors during labor and delivery.


·        – I wish to labor in my own clothing.


·         –I would like intermittent fetal monitoring.


·         –I would like a saline/heparin lock if necessary.


·         –I would like the opportunity to move around, utilize my birth ball and utilize the shower/tub between intermittent monitoring. I would like to be free to walk/change positions as desired.


·         –I would like for the lights to be dim and for the room to be as quiet as possible during labor & delivery. I would really appreciate necessary conversation take place in between contractions.


·        – I would like to keep the vaginal exams to a minimum.


·        I do not want to be offered an epidural or any sedatives/narcotics.


·        – I do not wish to have the amniotic membrane ruptured artificially.




·        – I would like to deliver in the position that I feel comfortable (not limited to lithotomy position.)


·        – Even if I am fully dilated, and assuming the baby is in no distress, I would like to wait until I feel the urge to begin the pushing phase.


·         –Perineal massage and warm compresses are welcomed: no episiotomy please.


·         –I would appreciate guidance on when to push and when to stop pushing.


·         –I would like a local anesthetic if I require stitching.




·        – I would like to have the baby placed on my chest (skin-to-skin) immediately after delivery.


·        – I would like to have the baby on my chest during any assessments/treatments if at all possible.


·        – I would like to wait until the cord stops pulsing before having my husband cut it.


·        – I would like to hold my baby and breastfeed while the placenta is delivered. I would like to avoid postpartum pitocin unless medically necessary (hemorrhage).


·         –I would like to delay the administration of erythromycin until after breastfeeding is established (a few hours). My records clearly indicate that I do not have gonorrhea. 


·        – I would like for the baby to receive Vitamin K shot.


·        – I do not want the baby to receive the Hep B vaccination.


·        – I do not want the baby to have any bottles, pacifiers or water (unless medically necessary).


·        – I would like to have my baby circumcised by Dr. Brown the day after delivery.


·        – The baby will remain with me (or I with him) at all times from the moment he is born until we are discharged from the hospital.  I would like the opportunity to have the pediatrician assess the baby in our room so that I may have the chance to speak with him/her. This is extremely important to me; I realize this may go against normal practice and I would really appreciate any and all support in this matter.


·        – I am experienced at breastfeeding, but would like to meet with a lactation consultant at her earliest convenience.

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