Happy Talk

I’ve been looking at the glass half empty lately. So, in an effort to be more positive (ha!) here are….

Ten AWESOME Things You Might Not Know About Pregnancy:

1-Your nails will look magical. I’m one of those gals who always has to have nail polish on my nails. Ask my friends! They’ll tell you some of their fondest memories of me are sleepovers that included at-home manicures. I don’t just always have nail polish covering my nails cause it looks pretty……my nails are UGLY! The white part is kind of naturally yellowish (cute, huh?). Anyway, when you get pregnant something magical happens and your nails are strong and white and beautiful! 

2-Your sex drive will go through the roof. (It might go away completely, but we’re trying to be positive here, so….) Consult your husband on why this is an “awesome thing”.

3-You won’t have to worry about how your stomach looks in clothes. I don’t know about you, but I have an obsession with making sure my stomach looks flat in my clothing. Any pooches or “bloat” and I’m going into hiding that day. Well, pregnancy means you’re going to have a pooch. It’s expected. People assume it’s the baby. No more sucking in!

4-Your boobs get HUGE! (Again, if you already have big boobs this will suck, but in the spirit of positivity….)

5-Your husband will give you foot rubs. Now, there are some husbands who do not give foot rubs to their pregnant wives. This means they don’t REALLY understand pregnancy. How do you fix this? You make him sit through every chapter in the baby book and every pregnancy email you get. He must come to EVERY doctor’s appointment. You must complain about every thing you are feeling. If that does not start the foot rubs, please move on to divorce. Does that sound a little extreme? Well, it should. A foot rub is not a lot to ask in return for hosting that man’s baby and (eventually) pushing it out of your vagina.

6-Food just TASTES better. You’ll get this sudden deep, deep NEED for some type of delicious sounding food. Your mouth will water just thinking about it, and then when you try it, it tastes JUST as good as you imagined….if not better.  I mean, not yucky food. And, what you consider “yucky” will change. But, again, we’re getting off topic.

10-You get a BABY at the end. This is without a doubt the absolute best part of pregnancy–duh! I could write three pages on how awesome it will be when you finally meet your little nugget. Your heart literally GROWS (look it up, I’m sure it’s scientific fact or something) and you fall in love instantly! It makes EVERYTHING worth it! 

(For those keeping track, you may have noticed that we jumped from 6 to 10… that’s because I could not think of three more positive things about pregnancy. I spent three days writing this particular post. I was waiting for happy pregnancy thoughts to just “come to me”, but then I went to a wedding and my back hurt and everyone was skinny and gorgeous and my tailbone was throbbing and I was TIRED.)

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