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Spiritual Loneliness

I never felt cozy with the saints because I thought the saints were for expert level Catholics–people holier than me. I thought you first “mastered” Jesus and only then could you move on to God and then Holy Spirit and then Mary and then, after all of that, you were finally ready to get to… Continue reading Spiritual Loneliness

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Meekness is a Magnet for Christ

Six years ago someone tricked me into reading "The Good News About Sex & Marriage." I walked away from that book thoroughly annoyed that the Church's teaching on sexuality made so much sense. I was convicted that my husband and I needed to make some big changes in our lives. I had been on birth… Continue reading Meekness is a Magnet for Christ

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GUEST POST: Joy Jaeger on Race

I’ve been uncomfortable sharing my experiences with racism because I don’t like to relive the pain of the moment and I don’t like to give the perpetrator any power, time or space in my life. The main reason I don’t share, though, is because I know I will be second-guessed or interrogated or the people… Continue reading GUEST POST: Joy Jaeger on Race


Break My Heart for What Breaks Yours

I've always been really sensitive. My parents (God bless them) had to raise the girl who cried wolf daily, but she didn't know she was crying wolf. The wolf seemed so real to her. I was often sad or hurt or feeling something and feeling it deeply. I imagine that raising that sort of kid… Continue reading Break My Heart for What Breaks Yours


Prayer is Noticing

I used to think "talking to and listening to God" was the only definition of prayer. It sounded simple enough and neat and tidy. It made the whole thing sound easy, which is why I felt such an enormous amount of guilt when it never felt easy for me. Prayer was something I never did… Continue reading Prayer is Noticing