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Lifestyle Blogs Are A Lie

You all know I speak long and hard about my weaknesses. My biggest issue (and the meat of this blog) is comparing my crappy self to my best self. I struggle when my actions are less than perfect. I hate when all of the things I have going on inside, like my thoughts, my prayer… Continue reading Lifestyle Blogs Are A Lie

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Friday Freak Out: Things to Buy Edition

We haven’t been watching TV and that has made for a (relatively) peaceful home. I know that sounds crazy and unattainable, but it’s not and you should totally try it! Trust me, it’s doable and, more importantly, it’s worth it. I’ve been waking up at 5 AM to get my prayer time in and it’s… Continue reading Friday Freak Out: Things to Buy Edition

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TV Free Challenge: Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card

I have an obsessive personality. It’s one of the (many) traits I inherited from my Dad. I remember when I was growing up my dad became absolutely obsessed with whatever he threw himself into for a few months before moving on to the next great thing. My dad has been a: cow rancher, motorcycle enthusiast,… Continue reading TV Free Challenge: Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card

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Doubt Doesn’t Always Stop At Conversion

I grew up in a home where the word “God” was rarely spoken. I went to mass maybe 10 times with my mom (outside of the weekly masses that my school required), and we never once prayed together as a family that I can recall. I think every parent, whether intentional or not, models to… Continue reading Doubt Doesn’t Always Stop At Conversion

Birth Story

Maria’s Birth Story

Maria May Vallette was born on Saturday, June 24th (one day before the Garth Brooks concert -because, duh-). Here’s how it went down: On Friday (the day before she was born) I was exhausted and starting to worry a little because the baby hadn’t been super active. I spent most of the day laying around the… Continue reading Maria’s Birth Story